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  • Dance and Tumble Ages 3-4
    Let's start at the very beginning! This class is perfect for little ones that love to move their feet, play with music, and have fun. 

  • Combination Classes: Ballet with Tap - Ages 4-7
    Learn the foundation of dance, the poise and technique of ballet, and the rhythm and style of tap.

  • Combination Class: Ballet with Jazz - Ages 8-9
    Learn the foundation of dance with the technique of classical ballet combined with the upbeat style of Jazz.

  • Triple Threat
    Ballet, Tap, and Tumble! Similar to our Ballet with Tap Combination class, but with the addition of basic tumbling for added fun!

  • Ballet - Ages 9 and up
    Traditional classical ballet classes consisting of barre, center, and allegro, with a strong emphasis placed on technique and terminology.

  • Jazz - Ages 9 and up
    A popular modern dance form set to upbeat music, incorporating technique, strength, and style. A ballet class is required for registration in Jazz.

  • Jazz Funk - Ages 8 and up
    Fusion of traditional jazz and hip-hop. Upbeat, fast, and fun!

  • Lyrical - Ages 9 and up
    A blend of ballet, jazz and contemporary styles. A ballet class is required for registration in Lyrical

  • Tap - Ages 8 and up
    Tap classes teach rhythm, coordination, tap terminology, and choreography. Students will put the fundamentals to work with new steps, patterns, and combinations.

  • Dance Enhancements
    Unique classes such as Dance Tricks, Strength, and Yoga

Musical Theater

Musical Theatre
  • Strictly Songs
    This beginning class teaches the foundations of musical theatre including the exploration of acting through song, singing, and dancing. Focus will be on self-confidence, stage presentation and team building.

  • Theatre Dance
    Using jazz as a foundation and traditional theatre music and songs, focus is on creating characters and telling stories through dance.

  • Musical Theatre
    Both an acting class and voice lesson for musical theatre performers. Students perform small ensemble songs, solos, and duets from favorite musicals and movies. Focus is on stage presentation, vocal technique and styling, and acting in song.

  • Private Vocal Lessons
    One-on-one vocal instruction. 30 minute lessons, weekly or bi-weekly. Subject to instructor availability and approval.



  • Strictly Drama
    This beginning class teaches the foundations of acting and stagecraft using theater games, acting exercises and dramatic literature. Focus will be on self-confidence, stage presentation and team building.

  • Drama 3 through 5
    Students work on performance pieces, either from an already established play or something completely original. As dictated by the scene, aspects of theatre terminology, acting technique, stagecraft and theatre history will be explored. Focus will be on building self-confidence, honesty in acting, developing cultural awareness, and recognizing strengths.

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